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Howard’s Hollow Seep Nature Preserve

Howard’s Hollow Seep Nature Preserve



Public Access: Limited (e.g., permission, supervised, etc.)

Conservation status: State/Province/Regional Protection

Adjacent Land Use: Upland Forest/Woodland

Approximate natural buffer width: > 100 ft



  • Listed on more than one “valuable wetland” list by natural resource agencies or nongovernment organizations.
  • Protects biological diverse wetland flora, fauna and/or their habitat
  • Rare or unique wetland type within its own biogeographical region. (Meeting this criteria would include, but is not limited to, wetlands with unique hydrology or chemistry that make it rare within its own region)

Howard's Hollow Seep Nature Preserve is an Illinois Nature Preserves Commission State Nature Preserve and is owned and managed by the Vermillion County Conservation District; This seep wetland is tucked in forested hills along the western edge of the Eastern deciduous forest in a landscape where many wetlands have been drained and converted to agricultural production. Diffusion of groundwater seeping into this area has cultivated a unique seep wetland that is dominated by skunk cabbage, marsh marigolds, a variety of sedges and other plants - a delight to visit in spring! This wetland is along a hiking trail in Forest Glen Preserve, and enjoyed by recreationists and school groups. Migrating birds are noted as visiting this area.

Exemplary Ecosystem Services:

  • Aesthetic/cultural heritage value/ provisioning
  • Recreation (birdwatching, ecotourism)
  • Water quality improvement


General wetland characterization: Inland Fresh Meadow

Adjacent Water Bod(ies): Stream

Name of body of water: Willow Creek, a tributary to the Vermillion River

Surficial Geology:

Saturated mucky soils surrounded by forests underlain with till (


Saturated mucky soils surrounded by forests underlain with till (


Dominant flora: Skunk cabbage, Marsh Marigold, Spotted Touch-Me Not, Sedges, Marsh Fern

Unique flora: Skunk cabbage, Marsh Marigold, Sedges

Dominant fauna: Woodland mammals, birds, and insects

Rare fauna: Migrating birds such as woodland warblers


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